Officers 2014-2015



2014-2015 Officers & Members at 2014 Fall OPERS Festival

President (会長)
Fusako Obata

Vice President (副会長)
Nick Dahl

Treasurer (会計係)
Kiyomi Kuroda

Secretary (書記)
Andy Wang

PR/Social (パブリックリレーション/交流)
Yuna Nishimura

Historian/Social (ヒストリアン/交流)
Peter Luu



2 thoughts on “Officers 2014-2015

  1. Phillip Murphy says:


    I was thinking about joining JSA for this upcoming quarter. I only have until December at Santa Cruz, but I hope to join if I can. I tried to find the JSA booth at the OPERS festival but I couldn’t find it. Please let me know! Thank you

    • jsaucsc says:

      Welcome to UCSC Phillip.
      It was unfortunate that we couldn’t meet in person at OPERS, but I am glad you were able to
      find JSA here. If you have a Facebook page, please join the “UCSC JSA” for more information.
      JSA can also inform you about upcoming events and meeting places as well.

      We hope to see you and please join us at our next meeting on October 16th from 7-8pm. We will
      inform you about where we are meeting.

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