Lily Derminasian

Public Relations

Year: Senior
Major: Language Studies, focus on Japanese
Hobbies: hiking, reading, biking, fashion, watching Japanese dramas, video games, shopping & hanging out with friends


My name is Lily and yes, despite my appearance, I can speak Japanese. I am a part of JSA’s Public Relations and I want to help spread the word about our club and Japanese culture to the rest of the UCSC community. I joined JSA when the club first started a few years ago, but I left to study in Japan the summer of 2009 and have been gone for some time. I lived and studied in Japan for 16 months and had a truly amazing experience. I had such a wonderful time that I plan on returning to Japan after I graduate to work there.

With this being my last few quarters at UCSC, I hope to make many good memories with the members of JSA and those who support our club. If you see me at events etc. feel free to say hi!