Ai Baba

Vice President

Year: Sophomore
Major: History (Education Minor)
Hobbies: spending time at the McHenry Library, singing, baking, sewing, learning dance moves, doodling, listening to music, playing piano, etc.

Hello! My name is Ai (pronounced ‘eye’), and I am the vice president for JSA. I joined this club because:
1.) I wanted to meet people outside of class, and
2.) I was hoping to find people who speak Japanese on this campus.

I have met so many people I would not have had I not joined JSA, and I hope you have an opportunity to do so, too. I love meeting and talking to (facially/verbally responsive) people, so if you see me at future JSA events/meetings (I do not recommend bus stops), please introduce yourself to me (in either English or Japanese)! I look forward to meeting you!