Rishy Kashyap

Assistant Technician

Year: Junior
Major: History of Art and Visual Culture
Hobbies: reading, dancing, scrapin wit sum beezies on thizz in da yay(Urrehdeh)

My favorite food is cha soba with cold tofu. My favorite season is winter.
My favorite Japanese music artists include but are not limited to:Ketsumeishi, Bz, Dir en Grey, The Gazette, Vidoll, HYDE(!!!), and Utada Hikaru. My favorite song to sing karaoke to is Kokoro by Kazumasa Oda. I hope you all will come to JSA events and have fun. みんあJSAのウェブサイトへようこそ!初めまして、リシと申します。この組織で新しい友情がたくさんできるかなと思っておりますけど。