Kathleen Coldren

Co-Vice President

Year: Junior (EAP to Japan)
Major: Language Studies
Hobbies: watching Japanese and Korean dramas (><), learning Japanese, hanging out with my awesome friends <3

Hi I’m Kathleen and I’m the Co-Vice President of JSA. :D I joined JSA as a first year last year and decided to become an officer. I was one of the event planners last year and when our president of last year transferred I became vice president. I really love being a part of JSA and also learning more about the Japanese language and culture. My major is Language Studies with an emphasis on Japanese (of course :D ).

Something that I’m really excited for is my year long trip to Japan through EAP (Education Abroad Program). I’ll be leaving this July and returning in July of next year. I’ll be going to Keio University! I’m really sad to leave all of the amazing friends I have made within the past two years and will miss them all dearly when I’m abroad. Other than that though, I really don’t have much else planned for the future yet… (><).