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If you are viewing this then you took interest in our latest idea: a Purikura style photo-booth.  On this page you will find the latest Brush Packs that I have put together for those of you who want to make your own photo-booth.  All the information needed to get started is included in the WinRAR file that is linked below.  To open the .rar file, you will need to install the program WinRAR which has a free trial period before you have to buy a license.  A link to the WinRAR program will be provided below.  Once you open the file in WinRAR, extract the folders and files and please do read the “Read-Me” file.  It has information on how to install the brushes and use them.

Purikura Booths

Purikura (プリクラ) is a type of photo-booth that has reached a craze level in Japan and in America.  Much like traditional photo-booths, you pay money to take pictures of you and your friends.  However, Purikura photo-booths allow you to add stamps to your photos turning a regular group photo into a more memorable and amusing photo.  JSA had the idea to design our own Purikura style photo-booth to be used at our dances and at fundraisers, selling Purikura photos for much cheaper than what it costs at the actual booths.

Our first Purikura booth was at our joint Valentine’s Dance with the Chinese-Taiwanese Union (CTU) in 2010; the theme was “Dance in the Romance.”  The booth ran pretty smoothly and was somewhat popular throughout the night.  Photos from the Purikura booth can be viewed on our Flickr account.

Using GIMP as a platform you can create your own custom brushes or download brush packs from the internet from a variety of sources like deviantART.

Have fun!!


Gimp 2.0


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