JSA Annual Welcome Bonfire

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015The smokey smell of burning wood and the chattering of voices fill the air. A group of people toss a frisbee to one another while others are huddle around the fire cooking hot dogs. It may be October and summer may be far gone, but the weather is perfect for a beach bonfire.

The Welcome Bonfire has been an ongoing annual event for JSA for the past few years. It’s the perfect opportunity for old members to reconnect and recount the stories of their summer escapades and for the new freshmen to forge new connections. There was a good number of familiar faces in the bustle of the crowd, but the turnout from new members almost doubled the number of old members. Needless to say, there was plenty of socializing to be done and many new friends to be made.

As sun went down and night crept in, people began to crowd around the roaring fire to keep warm and cook delicious s’mores. And like how the gooey marshmallow binds chocolate and two golden graham crackers together, the bonfire served as the mushy goop that would bind people together in the family of JSA.

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015

Getting ready for food!!

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015

Cooking the hot dogs

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015

JSA Welcome Bonfire Group Picture!! Hope to see you guys at the upcoming events as well!



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