Did you know?

This year, Tokyo Station turned 100 years old!!
Tokyo station is one of the busiest station, and will be busier when tourist come
for the 2020 summer olympic! To celebrate, here is an animation created by A-1 Pictures,
main theme song written by Yu Sakai:

A full version of short animation “Passage of time~TOKYO STATION~”

【Story line】
Misaki, a twenty-nine year old woman, is planning to get married soon. One day, she finds an old pocket watch which belonged to her late father. Unfortunately, it was broken and did not move. Misaki finds out that this watch originally belonged to her grandfather. It was her grandfather who gave it to her father. They both worked at the Tokyo Station. Misaki’s father was always strict and severe, especially to her. That was the only memory she would remember about him. She regrets how they could not connect with each other because she could not communicate with him very well when she was in her teens. Misaki visits the Tokyo station, hoping to repair this memorable watch. However, the repair shop was already gone. She drops her shoulders and walks on the platform of the station. Suddenly, she finds a station employee who looks just like her father. She runs and follows this person without even thinking…

The video is in Japanese, but with English subtitles!!!



It’s summer break guys!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful break before the school year starts again.

It is summer break, so there will be not much updates about the organization, but I hope you can take the time to look back at some of the events and fundraisers we had this year.
Some of the photos can be found on this link:

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See you guys in Fall 2014!!!