35th Annual Multicultural Festival

mcf poster 2014
Event dates:
May 17, 2014 – 12:00pm
Lower West Field

Enjoy dance and musical performances by student organizations and visiting artists Candelaria, SambaDá, DJ Dahl and Buddah G at this year’s festival, titled “Motions of the Past, Movements of the Future.” Festival-goers can also sample some of the delicious foods for sale—from Korean tacos to fried plátanos and tostadas.

Another spring event for JSA! Time to sell some California rolls and takoyaki ~
The blazing sun hit the tent once again, with swarming people looking for food to eat.

Thank you for all those who came by and helped out.
And a good job to those who preformed! That’s you guys, JK FAM!!!!

MCF 2014

California rolls and takoyaki ~

California rolls and takoyaki ~

Inside the tent :)

Inside the tent :)


Photo Credit: Kiyomi Kuroda


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