A little break from studying?
Let’s all have fun at the beach! It’s time for a bonfire!

Getting the fire started took a while, but with JSA power, something will happen! Before the sun sets, let’s eat some food. Hot dogs and s’mores! And of course some drinks to keep us hydrated. The night was long, where we could see all the stars and a ring around the moon. Hiroki playing his guitar, and people singing along.

Good luck with finals and see you guys next quarter!!

It takes 5 guys to start a fire ...

It takes 5 guys to start a fire …


beach 2 (March 2014)

Hot dogs and marshmallows ~

Photo Credit: Kiyomi Kuroda


検索は応援になる Search for 3.11

It’s been 3 years since the earthquake that hit Tohoku.
Many of us have contributed a lot, but there’s still many things that haven’t been fixed. There are still students who haven’t been able to return to their school because it has been damaged. Many fishers have lost their boats and equipments, as well as their place to continue their job. Tourist are still uneasy to step near the lands of where there was leakage of radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

But today is the day! Search “3.11” at donate 10 yen towards the great Tohoku earthquake relief. All you have to do is search it here, and yahoo will donate their money! Yahoo have also created a small clip of what people have been looking up from the day of the earthquake until few months later, and realized that as people start to stop looking up terms about the earthquake, it will just become the past. Maybe even forgotten that there’s still more to fix and due.

Please take your time to still pray and help Japan. Help those who need the help, and thinking about how we can make this world a helpful and safer place for everyone to be.


でも、今日という日だからこそ、今年の3月11日、Yahoo!検索で「3.11」というキーワードで検索された方おひとりにつき 10円が、Yahoo!検索から公益財団法人東日本大震災復興支援財団の「一般寄附金」 へ寄付されます。

そんな中今の私たちに出来る事を考えましょう。pray for Japan