“Pandraiser” & Paper Crane Folding/パンドレーザー&千羽鶴

JSA is having our quarterly “Pandraiser” (Japanese bake sale) in the Quarry Plaza: Tuesday, April 5th through Thursday, April 7th. All three days from 11:00am to 4pm!

We will be selling (Subject to change):
Yakisoba-pan (Chowmein-filled)
An-Pan (red bean paste)
Chocolate Cornet
& Melon-pan. Each for $2.50/a piece.

Please support JSA and buy some delicious bread delivered direct from Clover Bakery in San Jose. v(^∀^)

**This quarter, we will be making Paper Cranes at the Pandraiser in the effort to reach a thousand paper cranes and wish for the successful reconstruction of Japan.

If you could stop by- maybe even write your wish on a crane- and make one to support to our wish, that would help a lot.

**Also at our Pandraiser, we will be selling “Pray for Japan” T-shirts. They are currently in the process of designing and ordering, and hopefully will be ready by then. If not, we will have preorders for the shorts.

Please keep and eye out for them! All profits made by the shirts will go towards our donation to the victims of the earthquake. More details/design will be posted up shortly.

We will have a donation box for earthquake relief at the Pandraiser!
Also, don’t forget: We have created an online donation page where you, or your friends/family from outside of UCSC, can contribute to the cause.

Any amount of donation can make a difference.
**Click this link to donate:



を三日間Quarry Plazaで売ります!





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