JSA at the UCSC Relay for Life!

JSA has decided that we should participate in the UCSC Relay for Life this year (actually later this month).  What does this mean and why should it be posted?

Well, JSA has a goal of reaching $600 in donations for the American Cancer Society and we appreciate any donations that help us reach this goal.  You can find our team page for the relay at: Japanese Student Association

If you want to join JSA’s team (we have a max of 15 people), you can find the process on the above site as well as the online donation form.  On the day of the event at East Field, JSA will be having a fundraiser and some sort of activity also.  We haven’t yet decided what we will be selling as well as what our activity is, however it would still be awesome if we saw some of you there!

For more information, either contact Manami or Sam by email (emails available on their Bio Pages).

Thank you for your support!