JSA Temaki Night/手巻きナイト


JSA’s (now) annual TEMAKI NIGHT is back!

-if you don’t know what it is, click on the links below for more info~
Temaki Sushi from SushiMaker.org

simply put, it’s a make your own sushi roll night.

come enjoy making your own sushi roll with your friends and make new friends :D

Ticket prices: Pre-sale: $6// @ the door: $8

All JSA officers will be selling tickets!



場 所はまだTBAなので、決まり次第メールを出すので待っててください。


入 場券: $6


JSA 会話ナイト(Kaiwa Night) a.k.a. 喋らナイト!w

JSAは今学期「会話ナイト」と言うイベントを4回やろうと思ってます。イベントと言うよりどっちかと言うと、Language Tableみたいな存在なんです。
時間があれば会話ナイトに是非参加して下さ い。
JSAメンバーに日本語を練習する機会をあたえた いんです。


(4月15日、4月29 日、5月6日、6月3日)
場所は:Cowell Senior Commons (Language Tableと一緒)
どうぞよろしく お願いします。

Hi Everybody,
This is Kaiwa Night! To give learners of the Japanese language a place to practice their Japanese. This is a JSA Meeting substitute, and similar to a language table.

We will be meeting 4 times this Spring ’10 Quarter:

> Thursday April 15
> Thursday April 29
> Thursday May 6
> Thursday June 3
> Time: 6:30-7:30pm.
>Location: Cowell Senior Commons

JSA will be bringing little snacks and goodies to each Kaiwa Night just like language table too! ♪
I hope that you will be able to come!
(Let’s all speak in Japanese!)

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteering!

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Would you like to volunteer at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, San Francisco?

If you’re free on April 18th, JSA is going to volunteer from 10AM to7PM in 3 shifts (10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm).
This will be a great experience if you’ve never been there before and you get a t-shirt for helping out!
There are currently 16 spots available for volunteering, so hurry and save a spot!
We need to send in a list of volunteers by the 6th so please e-mail your phone number to jsaucsc@gmail.com as well as attending this event.

ねえ 知ってる?

そしてJSAが18日にボラン ティアさせてもらうことになったので、

ぜひ来れるならEventに「Attend」して、jsausc@gmail.comに電話番号を メールで送ってください。

ボランティアの時間は朝の10時から7時まで、シフトが10時から1時、1時から4時、で4時から7時までに分 かれています。そして、T-シャツももらえます!

30人までボランティアのシフトがあって、もうすでに14人確認できている上、六日まで に決めないといけないので出来るだけ早くサインアップして下さい。

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL! (from the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival website)

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival now celebrating its 43rd year, is one of California’s most prominent celebrations of Asian traditions. Each year, over 150,000 people attend this dazzling display showcasing the color and grace of the Japanese culture and the diversity of the Japanese American Community. Please join us and become a sponsor of this popular Japanese American community event.

This year’s Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday April 10-11 and April 17-18, 2010. All are welcome to join in the festivities as we celebrate Japanese and Japanese American culture in San Francisco’s Japantown!

The festival will be held on Post Street between Laguna and Fillmore Streets. There will be food booths, cultural performances, martial arts, live bands, the annual Queen Program, and more. The Grand Parade will be held on April 18, beginning at City Hall and concluding in Japantown.

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival is said to be the second largest festival outside of Washington, D.C. to celebrate the blooming of cherry blossoms; and held at one of three remaining Japantowns in the United States.


Festival: Saturday and Sunday, April 10 & 11, 17 & 18, 2010
Queen Pageant: Saturday, April 10, 2010
Grand Parade: Sunday, April 18, 2010


Festival: Japantown (@ Post & Buchanan Streets), San Francisco
Grand Parade: Begins at San Francisco City Hall and ends at Post & Fillmore
Queen Pageant: AMC Kabuki 8 Theater, Japantown

Every year we are joined by hundreds of performers from both Japan and California to give our thousands of spectators a taste of the Japanese culture.

The first Cherry Blossom Festival took place in April of 1967. It was a time of changes in our society. Young people throughout the United States left home to fight in the Vietnam War.

Here at home San Franciscans witnessed on-going rallies and demonstrations for both the war and civil rights. It was a time of new ethnic community awareness for groups such as the Japanese Americans.

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival started as a great display of Japanese cultural heritage and pride. Community groups came together as a spirit of unity, some taking form for the first time in order to participate in the Festival. Throughout the 40 years, it has grown to encompass the many facets of the Japanese community.

Throughout the two weekends, the streets of Japantown becomes a live stage where you will have the opportunity to see Japanese dancing, singing, martial arts demonstrations, as well as taste traditional and nontraditional Japanese delicacies.

During these two weekends we encourage you to savor the taste, listen to the sounds and see the rich colors that make the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival unique. We thank the many volunteers that have committed their valuable time and effort to make this possible. Our deepest appreciation to our sponsors and community leaders for their support.

About the Festival