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It’s been a while, but JSA has decided to make a new website for the upcoming years. You can find the new JSA site


Movie Night: Spirited Away

Another social event with JSA members!
Kick started the year with our annual welcome bonfire, but that’s only the beginning!
At our second social event, we called out members to watch a Japanese animated
fantasy film, Spirited Away, written and directed by Miyazaki Hayao.

In the future, JSA would love to hold another movie night to get general members
and possibly the UCSC community to get engaged in the modern Japanese culture.


JSA Annual Welcome Bonfire

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015The smokey smell of burning wood and the chattering of voices fill the air. A group of people toss a frisbee to one another while others are huddle around the fire cooking hot dogs. It may be October and summer may be far gone, but the weather is perfect for a beach bonfire.

The Welcome Bonfire has been an ongoing annual event for JSA for the past few years. It’s the perfect opportunity for old members to reconnect and recount the stories of their summer escapades and for the new freshmen to forge new connections. There was a good number of familiar faces in the bustle of the crowd, but the turnout from new members almost doubled the number of old members. Needless to say, there was plenty of socializing to be done and many new friends to be made.

As sun went down and night crept in, people began to crowd around the roaring fire to keep warm and cook delicious s’mores. And like how the gooey marshmallow binds chocolate and two golden graham crackers together, the bonfire served as the mushy goop that would bind people together in the family of JSA.

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015

Getting ready for food!!

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015

Cooking the hot dogs

Welcome Bonfire 2014-2015

JSA Welcome Bonfire Group Picture!! Hope to see you guys at the upcoming events as well!


OPERS Fall Festival Announcement!

It’s that time of the year again!
To open up the school year, JSA will be participating at the OPERS Fall Festival on September 30th, 3:00-6:00pm.
Held every year during welcome week, it is a day for undergraduates and graduate students to explore and learn about student activities that occur on campus. JSA will be tabling at the tennis court table No. 79 (TC79).

Interested in UCSC JSA, then come to OPERS Fall Festival and meet members.

Did you know?

This year, Tokyo Station turned 100 years old!!
Tokyo station is one of the busiest station, and will be busier when tourist come
for the 2020 summer olympic! To celebrate, here is an animation created by A-1 Pictures,
main theme song written by Yu Sakai:

A full version of short animation “Passage of time~TOKYO STATION~”

【Story line】
Misaki, a twenty-nine year old woman, is planning to get married soon. One day, she finds an old pocket watch which belonged to her late father. Unfortunately, it was broken and did not move. Misaki finds out that this watch originally belonged to her grandfather. It was her grandfather who gave it to her father. They both worked at the Tokyo Station. Misaki’s father was always strict and severe, especially to her. That was the only memory she would remember about him. She regrets how they could not connect with each other because she could not communicate with him very well when she was in her teens. Misaki visits the Tokyo station, hoping to repair this memorable watch. However, the repair shop was already gone. She drops her shoulders and walks on the platform of the station. Suddenly, she finds a station employee who looks just like her father. She runs and follows this person without even thinking…

The video is in Japanese, but with English subtitles!!!


It’s summer break guys!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful break before the school year starts again.

It is summer break, so there will be not much updates about the organization, but I hope you can take the time to look back at some of the events and fundraisers we had this year.
Some of the photos can be found on this link:思いでいっぱい〜/past-events-2013-2014/

If you haven’t so, please visit our Facebook page (link can be found in ‘ABOUT’ tab).

See you guys in Fall 2014!!!

Matsuri!!! 祭り?Let’s do this!!

Matsuri 2014お祭りだ〜!!
It’s that time of the year!! JSA presents Matsuri, Japanese cultural festival!

At Stevenson Event Center, more than 100 students and facilities came to enjoy wonderful food made by our wonderful staff members. Foods include california rolls and yakitori. To get a little taste, we included Ramune in our menu (which was a big hit for a lot of people!).

Performances featured Watsonville Taiko, Kendo Club, Aikido Club, and JK Dance Group!

Great success!!! Enjoy few of the photos below :)

Matsuri 2014

Doors opening soon!! Richi is ready to serve those Takoyaki!

Yuna at the Omikuji station

Yuna at the Omikuji station

Maya and Mark at the California roll station!

Maya and Mark at the California roll station!

Taiko performance!  Amazing performances throughout the day :)

Taiko performance!
Amazing performances throughout the day :)


Check out some of the staff photos taken at the photo booth!:

JSA samurais (Just kidding!)

JSA samurais (Just kidding!)

Why hello there Briant ~

Why hello there Briant ~


Last but not least, thank you everyone for coming to the event!! I hope everyone was able to experience some Japanese culture. This is just a small scale festival run by students, but maybe one day, when you go visit Japan, you can experience the festival there (since there are a lot, and I mean A LOT of festivals!)

Last but not least, thank you to all the staff members to make this event successful!! Hope to see you all next year, and congratulation to the graduating students!!!

JSA Matsuri Staffs

JSA Matsuri Staffs


Photo Credit: Fusako Obata and Kiyomi Kuroda